Advanced PICA Training
Advanced PICA workshop lasting two days will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico periodically.  This course is designed for clinicians who have had a beginning five day PICA course and want to sharpen their test administration  and scoring skills with either the new 2001 version or the earlier version  and want to discuss advanced interpretive issues or research applications. The registration fee will be $300. If you are interested in attending please fill a PICA TRAINING FORM and send it to us. These courses can also be held at your site for 10 clinicians or more, by arrangement. Send us a PICA Training form indicating your interest.
Basic PICA Training 
Clinicians who are interested in learning to use the PICA should send in a PICA Training Form so they will be notified as courses develop. If you prefer to organize and host your own workshop for 10 to 14 clinicians in your area, your registration fee will be waived and you can select the dates of the course. See PICA Training Methods
PICA Training in Albuquerque 
Both basic and advanced PICA courses are given periodically in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Participant make their own travel arrangements. PICA PROGRAMS will assist in making hotel reservations and will provide local transportation to and from the course. Email Dr. Porch to discuss specifics and dates.
Computerized PICA Training
​For clinicians who cannot attend a PICA workshop, an individualized computer training program is becoming available.  If you would like to do PICA training at your own speed in your own clinical setting, send us an email asking to be notified about its availability.